Modern Disney

I’ve been watching The Incredibles again and it amazes me how much I enjoy it. It never grows old and the movie has such depth. It isn’t only fast entertainment, it expands upon important human morals that most kids need to learn since they don’t read as much anymore. Children these days don’t pick up a book that expound on the morals of humankind. Morals of the story that kids don’t learn from those books can we obtained by watching movies like this.

The Incredibles focuses a lot on family. It also highlights the importance of being honest, working together, and believing in yourself. They may be classic cliches but many kids these days aren’t picking them up. I believe that Disney has done a great job presenting these values to their young audience. No longer are they producing fairytales like Cinderlla (though it is a good fluffy movie), they are creating substance. Finding Nemo and Cars are another two examples of recent movies that have caught my eye.

Random catch phrase: Penetrating the Buracracy

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