This is the post that’s supposed to make up for what I didn’t post yesterday. I got really tired and crashed as soon as I got home. Yesterday I went to the zoo with a whole bunch of friends. =) It was awesome since my friends and I were joking around and everything and I got to spend time with someone I liked very much. Well, my friend C blew a casket since the boy M apparently didn’t tell friend C that boy M and I were getting closer. It’s a really big and confusing mess that’s honestly making me a little upset. I was talking to my best friend and she explain why friend C might have did a 180 so fast yesterday. Friend C and boy M are best friends so apparently it’s not cool to keep secrets like this away from each other. I mean, I guess that’s what’s wrong. However, if this were flipped around I wouldn’t be mad at my best friend at all. I would just laugh and brush it off. Besides that, it was a good day. =)


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