What to do…

Whenever I do something to hurt you I feel so bad. I get upset myself and then I think of all the other times we’ve had arguments. Have you noticed that they all have something to do with something I’ve done or something I was doing? We’ve never had an argument over what you did. I can’t help but feel like I’m this horrible girlfriend who really can’t do anything right. I say this and I mean it. Maybe I’m not cut out of be a girlfriend after all. lol. Yeah. I could be having this wonderful day and then all of a sudden it would go down the hill. What’s worse is that you grow all short with me and then you kind of stop talking and then these awful feelings just sit inside me and I can’t really enjoy the rest of my day. It would be such a lie if I said that I don’t resent you for that. It’s my nature to want to be happy all the time. The reason that when we have a disagreement/argument and then I start ignoring you is the fact that I tend to run away when people are upset at me, disappointed in me, mad at me, or anything of that sort. Even if it’s because I think you might be any of those it makes it hard for me to face them. So yeah. I’m sorry. I’m not really good at what I do at all. =/ Huh? I guess in the gist of things and in the end-all, we have really different views on things that matter to us. For example, you mentioned you had this total aversion to co-ed floors. I don’t think it’s bad at all. I think that as long as I get to have a single-sex suite where I can lock doors I’m fine. I take it as experience. I can’t keep myself locked up forever, cloistered within females. I think of it as living in an apartment. As far as I know, to me it’s learning to grow up and learning to deal with people different in me. That’s all. Sorry that we don’t usually understand each other…


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