Which is who?

I always have such a hard time deciding where to draw the line. Sometimes I confuse myself and I think that I like a boy and sometimes I keep adamantly convincing myself that he’s only a friend. Apparently I’m really bad at this kind of stuff because I always mislabel. In scenario one: I always realize that I don’t like the boy after he asks me out, in scenario two: I always realize I like the boy after he’s long gone. I need to get my priorities straight. I really should be focused on my studies.

I guess I’m writing about this now because I’m contemplating whether or not I like this particular boy. Once upon a time I did. Then, “worldly standards” got in the way. Now I don’t know where I am with him. It seems as if I like him. He’s the one I go to, but in person I’m waaaay too shy. No matter… I get this sort of peace when I sit next to him and it’s just the two of us wasting our time away doing whatever. Perhaps that’s my bit of happiness?

I’m content with that.


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