David Choi & Jason Chen

Last Saturday (04/23), David Choi and Jason Chen came to Hopkins for IAC and TASA. =) They performed songs for the student body during two events: David Choi’s Concert for Japanese Relief efforts and Jason Chen for the TASA Night Market. Undoubtedly, David Choi’s performance was more worldly, but both were amazing shows.

I got the wonderful opportunity for help for both events and thus I got to meet them behind the sets as they were hanging out and chilling. It was such a great opportunity to be able to see these “stars” when they’re relaxing. It was humbling for me because I had to learn how to not act “higher” than the other students just because I got to be around the two youtube stars for a whole day. Haha.

David Choi - PreShow Warmup

David Choi - Pre-Show Warmup

Overall I had a great time. It was tiring and I had no break (at one point I even realized I left my keys at Steph’s place where we were making bubble tea in the morning), but I guess it was worth it. Getting involved always makes me feel like I’m part of something better, and according to psychologists that’s an essential part of loving yourself and realizing self-worth. Huh. I guess I should keep it up?


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