It’s a really sunny day, I have a final tomorrow, but I’m not studying. I should probably get on that. I guess what has been tripping me up are memories of this place. While I clashed terribly with my roommate, I really enjoyed the building and living in this luxury dorm (God, I’m so materialistic sometimes). You may or may not know, but I’m getting ready to move into my first apartment. While it’s not in the nicest building, it’s close to school and I think I got a pretty good deal since my suite happens to be on the top floor (penthouse!) and I get to have my own private rooftop patio. I also get to live with my best friend. I don’t think it can get much better.

However, I’ve been clashing a lot with my bestie. I think it’s mostly the stress and having to deal with all the apartment requirements before we move in. It’s frustrating. Also, there was a bit of a misunderstanding about who was buying my wardrobe. Since it’s a one-bedroom I’m actually taking the living room and transforming it into a bedroom. The agreement was that whoever took the actual bedroom would buy the walls for the person who was living in the living room. I was looking at an IKEA wardrobe and we had both agreed that it would be a good investment since we could use it as part of a wall. I hope this gets smoothed out! Anyway, I tried to be nice and picked a functional wardrobe that was also cheap. =)

Another stress has been figuring out where to store my furniture for the two weeks that I’m not able to move into my apartment. I got a really nice furniture set (absolutely beautiful dark-wood) from a senior and he’s moving out the 27th of May but I don’t move into my apartment until the 8th of June. Two problems: A) There are two big pieces that need to be moved with a truck so I need to find someone else who is already living at that apartment and store it there. B) I don’t really know enough people who live in my new apartment. The people that I do know are getting ready to move out end of May or they really hate clutter in their apartment. I hate to bother people. BUT, it’s okay. I think we (me + friends + seller) have it figured out!

Packing has been a huge time of reflection. Wow. Am I really moving out? Am I really growing up? I feel like November was just a month ago. Haha. I was just complaining about turning 20 and moaning about how awful it is that I’m not a teenager anymore.

In addition to packing, I’ve also been finalizing my plans to head to NYC after finals period to visit my Godmother and Godfather. How fun will that be? I’m planning to do some serious shopping!

Side note: my dad kind of crashed his/my car. He’s fine. I just wish he would drive more like a normal person.


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