If I could tell myself…

If I could talk to myself, the me who was entering college as a freshman, I would say:

  • Don’t date the long-distance boyfriend. It ended up being a really unhealthy relationship and you ended up in a lot more tears than you needed. He was abusive because he was overposessive instead of overprotective. He manipulated you and used your own religion against you. Though it was a learning experience, it was a lot more painful than it needed to be.
  • Pay more attention second semester of organic chemistry!
  • Definitely fight tooth and nail to get into Positive Psychology because it’s going to be one of your favorite classes.
  • That guy who swept you off your feet before sophomore year during summer? The one who you went to dinner with multiple times? The one who took you out for ice cream and fun events? The one who you went to the movies with? He’s not worth it. He’s a rebound and you only liked him because you were depressed and needy after you broke up with your ex. Don’t place false hopes on him. Don’t CRY for him. In fact, he’s the most terrible person on earth.
  • Be really careful what you put on FB (pictures, statuses) and change your things over to private!!!
  • Take time to enjoy those summer walks! They’re the best thing that’s ever happened to you. So relaxing and thought provoking.
  • That guy you THOUGHT you liked middle of the way through Sophomore year? Yea. Waste of your time!
  • Be an RA like you were originally planning.
  • It’s a waste of time applying for RA. You’ll get it! You just won’t end up taking it…
  • Look toward someone whose always been there for you. And base that relationship on God.
  • You’re going to get sick twice Sophomore year! Keep lots of cough medicine on hand.
  • Don’t download Dinner for Smucks. You’ll end up with a warning letter. Haha.
  • Blog more! It’s good for you and you’ll regret not documenting all your “moments”.
  • I love you. ❤

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