Strangers, Again

I’m just at that time in my life where I start to question the relationship I’m in. Not because it’s gone horribly wrong, it’s because nothing is at the honeymoon stage anymore. The sad fact is I feel like I’ve had NO honeymoon stage. My relationship with “Mystery Man” (and Wendy from Wendyslookbook would call hers too) has never had that bright, sunny, fun period. We’ve always been: just us. I had the longest honeymoon period with my ex before it all went to crap. I just don’t know what’s going on or if I should be worried. However, every relationship is different, right?

I think the best video to explain what I’m thinking is: 
Wong Fu Production’s: “Strangers, again”

What I’m talking about is stage four, comfortable (according to the video). As quoted by the movie character Josh, “Being comfortable isn’t necessarily bad, its when we can truly be ourselves. But it depends on what you do with that comfort. Some use it positively, continuing to work at their relationship, and grow together. But others allow it to create distance.” I can’t help but wonder if Mystery Man and I are using our comfortable stage to grow positively into ourselves? Do we help each other grow?

Another quote from the video that keep me thinking are these simple lines: “Whether it’s taking each other for granted or people changing over time, bottom line is someone stops trying and the feelings aren’t as strong as before.”


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