Learning to Ride a Bike

I have no motivation to restudy for my MCATs and I’m currently feeling quite screwed. Lets home that I gain some motivation soon… VERY soon.

On the other hand, I had an interesting day trying to relearn how to ride my bike. Though, do not mistake this as the fact that I’d never known how to ride my bike. The key word in that sentence was RElearn. I will happily say that I have RElearned though every time I get onto the bike a spike of terror still strikes me. However, if I am allowed to give an excuse I will say that the bike is a bit too big for me. It’s my brothers because my mother has some weird mountain bike where the petals are set a more toward the front of the bike and my bike is the same one that I had in the 5th grade. So I think things are rather self explanatory. I can’t ride my bike, my mother’s bike is even bigger on me, and so my brother’s bike (which is still big) will have to do for now.


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