Review: Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Fury (Mercy, #4)Fury by Rebecca Lim

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was really disappointed. PS: This will contain spoilers so don’t keep reading unless you’ve already read the book or are ready to find out what happened.

First of all, the whininess of Mercy and Ryan got on my nerves after awhile. They’re a beautiful couple, sure, but Mercy kept being ‘I’m not good enough!’ or ‘I’ll put him into danger!’ or ‘I’m a monster!’ A little too ‘Edward Cullen’ for my taste. Then Ryan was all, ‘No! Stay with me forever!’ and ‘I’ll be your shining compass!’ too much like ‘Bella’ for my taste. I don’t mind it as a pilot point and as personal angst, but the author bashed that nail on the head too many times for it to stay effective.

Another annoyance of mine that other readers have mentioned: the ending sucks. The plot builds and builds for almost FOUR books and THATS the ending that it came up with? Oh please. Like one other reader mentioned: if turning her into a human solves all their problems then why didn’t they do it in book one? Why didn’t they do it when she fell from heaven? It makes no sense.

In my mind, I kept waiting for Ryan to be revealed as a part of Raphael and then Mercy and Ryan/Raphael would end up in some batshit crazy fight against Luc. The book, during the last two books, kept going on and on about how much love Raphael had for Mercy. To be honest, I was more moved by Raphael’s love for Mercy than Ryan’s semi-clingy love for Mercy. Perhaps it was Raphael’s plan all along to make Ryan look like Luc (because Mercy obviously loves Luc’s looks) and then somehow he was ‘trapped’ by Luc because Luc tied him into Ryan’s body for some reason and Luc couldn’t escape from his human form. I don’t know… I imagined so much MORE for Mercy.

However, it does have its merits and somehow I ended up reading all four books (even though I kind of skimmed the last book).


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