Something to Appreciate: 1

I guess this is the start of a new series of “pondering” for me. In life there are many things to be appreciated, to be thankful for, to love, to enjoy, and this is just a snapshot of all the thing that make me feel as if my heart is going to burst.

#1: Saburo’s Sushi on Bybee Blvd, Portland, OR

Saburo's Sushi

The sushi here is divine. You have to line up before the restaurant even opens! The place is so popular that the owner can choose his own hours and his own Holidays. Sadly, this means that Saburo’s is only open for business on evenings. Though the place is widely acclaimed, the dress for this place is casual. However, I think that if the owner wanted to expand he could easily open in a grander and more expensive location. Me? I don’t care. As long as the great prices and the amazing sushi continue to exist!

I will always remember this place as part of the first summer that mum and I decided to explore restaurants in the neighboring city. This was location #2. Location #1 was a great pizza place, but I’ve always had a soft spot for sushi and I immediately fell in love. For this place, I will gladly wait in the hot sun an hour before opening.


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