Ivory Oxfords


I recently got ivory oxfords by Born at Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, they’re my first pair of oxfords. I used to think they were ugly shoes, but they’ve grown on me. The style I chose also helped. It’s not quite as manly and flimsy as other oxfords that I’ve seen. I feel like they’re a more female friendly version.

Born is known for their super comfy shoes and I have to say that these shoes also live up to their standards. I know that this brand of shoes can come off looking grandma-ish, but they sometimes do some very decent shoes. I’ve created a pairing to go with them.

Simplify Me

4 thoughts on “Ivory Oxfords

  1. LOL, I had the same feeling as you did!! I thought oxfords are super gross before, but I start to fall in love with them last year šŸ˜€ Super cute!!! I had the same one as you and I got the black & white one as well!

    • You have the same ones? šŸ˜€ That’s great. Maybe you can show me how you wear your shoes. I would like some more ideas. Oxfords are still super new for me. I didn’t see the black and white ones, only this creme and ivory one. Now I’m curious.

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