Summers At Home

I’ve been spending summer at home with my fambam because I’m always on the other side of the country at my university. It’s about time that I’ve spent more than a month with them and I’m happy to say that I’ve stayed with them a month and a half. Haha. I’m leaving in less than a week. 😦 I’m going to miss home.

I love spending summers at home since it’s sunny and warm, but you don’t die from the heatwaves. Being at home also does wonders for my skin and hair. I relax more, get more sleep, and my face gets more pampering. It’s a win-win overall. I’ve been so happy this past week that I walk around feeling like this:

So. Damn. Happy. and Giddy. ALL. THE. TIME.

I haven’t been anywhere special recently so there aren’t any new fashion posts. 😦 Sorry.
I’ll leave you with this, lace skirt and oxfords, what do you think?:


3 thoughts on “Summers At Home

  1. You’re. So. Damn. Cute!
    I’m glad you’re happy and yeah, spending time with the family almost always does that. 🙂

    Love the skirt and the oxfords, the latter still in my want-to-buys.

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