New Banner: IU

I’m slowly trying to move away from using the banners provided by the wordpress website. Since I recently obtained photoshop for Mac OS X I’ve been slowly working my way back into making my own graphics. Besides a few random things for my old Livejournal I haven’t made much. It takes a lot of time and I get really impatient. I’m someone who prefers fast results, but today I got so sick of the banner on this blog that I decided to make my own featuring IU, the Korean singer.

I was thinking about featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but it seemed too creepy since I have already made WAY too many posts about him in the past few days. I’ll put it on my list of things to-do (along with a banner for Tom Hardy). I’m not too concerned about it at this point. I’ve got my lovely banner. I should have taken a few screen shots and later featured an “evolution of my blog” post. Haha.

I’ve posted a tag for my post in the banner. Usually I don’t like having text, but I hate it when people take my graphics. This is a good way to display the title of the blog as well as prevent people from taking the banner. (All the lovely IU images were taken from


2 thoughts on “New Banner: IU

  1. The banner is lovely. I wish I could make banners as creative as you do. I lack the creativity/imagination, unfortunately.

    Creating a JGL banner won’t be creepy! Do it!

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