MAC Lipsticks

Kitten by StilaEveryone’s probably way on top of this (figures I would be the last one to jump the boat), but I’ve gotten really obsessed at the idea of MAC lipsticks. When I used to dance for a team, they would use MAC for all their makeup. I love their blushes because they don’t clog the face and the color is nice, but I never really thought about any their other makeup. I’ve certainly never owned a lot of MAC makeup either. Everyone says how awesome their eyeshadows are, but my favorite eyeshadow is still Kitten by Stila (shown on the right).

Recently I’ve heard about Ravishing and Speed Dial by MAC and I got really interested. Ravishing is a cool-toned peach while Speed Dail by MACSpeed Dial is a very girly pink with gold flecks (think of Orgasm blush by NARS). They are both cream sheen shades and they seem really pretty. I might have to go to a MAC store to try on the shades. The last time I went to a store to try on a shade that was all hyped up I didn’t like it (Lovelorn by MAC, it had too many blue undertones), so I have some reservations about trying another shade that is so hyped. I currently own one MAC lipstick and I brought it because it was a beautiful pinkish nude.


2 thoughts on “MAC Lipsticks

  1. i love kitten too! shimmering champagne you can use along to perk up you eyes 🙂 curiosity strikes… what shade is that mac pinkish nude lippy you got? 🙂

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