Animated GIFs

Because of Tumblr I’ve fallen really hard for animated GIFs. I love them and if I knew that more people had faster internet I would be posting animated GIFs on every page. So, I decided to research how to make them.

yeappuda has a lovely tutorial on how to make animated GIFs using WINDOWS since it utilizes a program that is only available for people with windows. Available here. Ugh. I don’t think it’s a big secret that I have a Macbook Pro (sorry Mac haters). It’s highly detailed and very informal. I had a few problems following a step of two, but it’s useable.

Since I couldn’t really use that tutorial I had to google, search, and plod my way through a bunch of crap to try to find out how I could make an animated GIF on my computer without paying an additional $50 for some random application. I searched the whole day and right when I was about to upturn my table and splatter my brains against a sidewalk, I found my holy grail. It comes in the form of MPEG Streamclip + Photoshop CS6.

Here is my product:

Yay! It’s beautiful. I love it. It has IU in it. What more could I ask for?

So basically I was trying to make this GIF the traditional way where you take a movie clip, tell a program to translate the movie into a series of pictures called frames and then I take those frames, shove it into photoshop, and edit the hell out of it. I ran into a semi panic attack when I realized that photoshop CS6 didn’t have something called ‘animation’ anymore, it has something spliffy called ‘timeline.’

Then I realized that I didn’t even need MPEG Streamclip, I can open the video in photoshop and edit it like I was editing a movie, but then save it as a GIF. FML. I made things more complicated for myself. However, using the ‘movie editing’ way is a bit more confusing than editing it the ‘traditional’ way, so I don’t mind doing the extra steps and using MPEG Streamclip. Besides, with MPEG Streamclip I can control the size of my GIF file a lot better (by deleting frames). I’m thinking of making a tutorial soon (so other Mac users won’t pull their hair out until they’re bald).

Edit: I’ve started my own tutorial available here.


6 thoughts on “Animated GIFs

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  2. Congrats on finding how to make animated gifs! Other Mac users are lucky that you’re sharing this knowledge. 🙂

    I don’t know IU, but she is very pretty. I am hesitating searching for her on Youtube because I might become addicted and not want to stop watching videos. Korean girl bands do that to me (Wondergirls, Secret, etc.). XD

    • You and I are meant to be soul buddies. lol. I have the SAME exact problem when it comes to K-pop.

      I think you’ll like IU if you’re into the cutesy girls. She’s not exactly a girl group, she’s solo! It surprises me because I don’t know many other solo performers who have made it big (besides BoA). When I discovered her I spent a week searching her up on youtube and obsessing over her. Haha.

      • I really didn’t know any Korean solo performers. My limited K-Pop knowledge comprises of girl and boy bands that have members who dance while singing and still doing a great job on both.
        I really resisted looking up videos of IU because I have a feeling I’ll like her, and I didn’t want to be sucked up by YouTube again after I last got addicted. Most K-Pop bands are just too good and/or pretty!

      • Gosh, I know! It’s like everyone’s gorgeous in Korea or something like that. Haha. My mom’s a semi-hater. She keeps telling me that everyone in Korea gets plastic surgery. lol.
        You won’t be the first person I got addicted to IU if you did end up looking her up. 😀 I think I have a band of 5 guys who are googling her right now. They’re such dudes. They keep saying “she’s so pretty!” Haha.

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