MIA (but back)


I’ve totally been MIA. I’m sorry! The school year started again and it’s just been hectic. I’m on the executive board for three different clubs and the beginning of the year is always the busiest since we’re trying to set everything up. I’ve also been running around preparing materials for the beginning of the year SAC (Student Activities) Fair. My free time has pretty much been zapped up. 😦

Before and After

I’ve also been too lazy to take a picture of OOTD (you would think that snapping a picture requires no effort, right?). 😦 I’ll just have to assure you that it was a very cute outfit. I wore this dress with a cardigan and white sandals:

Abercrombie Fitch dress

Abercrombie Fitch dress

I attended First Night, a school tradition where all the upperclassmen pass a candle flame and light the freshmen’s candles. There was some fantastic cake at the event. I almost didn’t get any! There was a separate event for the seniors (with alcohol), but it was terribly boring. I think they were trying to go for “classy,” but it just ended up being a complete fail.

Random people who I don’t really know, but I snapped a picture. Hehe.

I think my brain is dying. I don’t even have enough effort to proofread this blog entry. I’ll just leave you with this really bleh picture of myself (trying to look cute) that I snapped before I headed to the gym for some exercise:


4 thoughts on “MIA (but back)

  1. I agree with CokaRabbit, you definitely look cute in the photo. 🙂
    The dress is adorable and I’m glad you still got some of the fantastic cake. I’ll cry if I missed a slice of cake!

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