Tired, but I have a Liebster!

I’m really too tired to post anything right now. I have homework, three tests a week, and a crap load of reading to do. I’ve been running around attending meetings and organizing meetings for general body meetings (it’s getting kind of crazy around here)! As much as I love the idea of taking a Chinese course it’s a lot of work. They move so fast and I learn about 20 vocabulary words every two days. Insane!

 Nothing particularly awesome is going on right now. I went to Rockville on Sunday with a few TASA board members to get supplies for the mooncake festival and for the baobing (刨冰)/Chhoah-peng (剉冰). We spent around $200 and this is what the club’s cart looked like after we were finished running around the grocery store. That’s 26 boxes of mooncakes in case you can’t count. There’s also around 20 cans of shaved ice toppings; lychee, peaches, coconut chunks, etc. Nom nom. We are absolutely crazy, but we’re planning on handing out 200+ mooncakes at the event for some 250+ people. Thank the heavens that the school reimburses the club and is able to provide us money every year (or we’ll all be broke).

The dark under-eye circles have not appeared (yet)! I’ve been sleeping really late and then I would find myself waking up at 9AM. It doesn’t matter if I sleep at 2AM or 5AM, I have a biological clock that forces me awake. This is really unusual since last year I ended up sleeping-in and always missed the first 5 minutes of my morning class.

Liebster Award

Also, thefancylady awarded me for the Liebster blog award. It’s an award that’s given out to outstanding blogs who have under 200 followers (me!). I’m not quite sure about the outstanding part, but I’m very honored to be given the award. Thanks guys!

Apparently I have to post the rules for you guys?

The rules are as follows:
1) Post 11 facts about yourself
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for people you’ve nominated
3) Choose people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) Remember, no tag backs

11 facts is kind of hard, but I will attempt it.

1) People tell me I have goldfish memory. 2) I’m taking a course on human sexuality, which means I get to stare at certain *cough* parts of the human body for two and a half hours every week, but the most interesting thing that I’ve learned so far is that ‘30% of couples don’t have sex.’ Huzzah. 3) I was not born in the USA. 4) I have a bunny. His name is Hero. He refuses to be litter trained and that annoys me, but he’s too cute to stay mad at. 5) I WILL dance around to very loud music in my underwear. I WILL dance and sing while washing dishes. I WILL randomly dance in the middle of a room. Thus, I’m not quite sure if I’m the kind of person you want to introduce to your parents. 6) I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty. REALLY obsessed. 7) My SAT score was a 1980, but I still got into my current University, which is a freaking miracle because it’s supposed to be nationally ranked and all that crap. 8) I go batshit crazy whenever I see JGL/Ellen Page/Tom Hardy/Robert Downy Jr. on the television. 9) I watch HGTV because I like to see the pretty houses. 10) I can’t eat olives. They disgust me. 11) I really hate odd numbers (except 7). This is why writing “11 facts” bugs me.

Now I have to answer thefancylady’s 11 questions:
1.  Dogs or cats?  Choose one. Dogs. I have shiver around cats. There’s a disease called Toxoplasmosis gondii which you can get from cats. This is a parasitic apicomplexa which will eat holes in your brain if your immune system is stressed and underpar. No, it’s not rare. About 25% of people are infected by the time they’re 25. Yuck.
2. Where are you from? You can figure that out if you have figured out where I go to school. 🙂
3. Favorite all time song. Well, it’s not my favorite, favorite, right now, but going off of the number of plays my favorite song is You and I by Park Bom of 2NE1. That song has over 3000+ plays. (Crazy, right?)
4. Favorite all time movie. It’s either Inception or Spirited Away.
5. If you were to be dropped on a deserted, what (who) would you take? I’m guessing you mean deserted island? I would take my primary care doctor. She’s intersting and she’ll help keep me alive.
6. What do you do for funzies? Funzies? I read!
7. What dish are you famous for making? My fried rice is amazing (or so I’ve been told).
8. How many facebook friends do you have?  How many do you actually talk to? I have 747 friends on FB. I probably maintain “regular” contact with 10% of them.
9. Who inspires you? Anyone, everyone.
10. What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, assuming I’m not already “grown up,” I want to be a doctor. Preferably a dermatologist or someone who maintains regular contact with patients.
11. Red or white wine?  Choose one. Red wine, hands down. An airy Rose wine is my favorite, but I guess those are a mix between red and white.

I nominate: Gen from http://twitchyface.wordpress.com/ who writes a great general interest blog, CokaRabbit who does some amazing stuff with fashion, and http://meninstylesociety.com/ because it does men’s fashion beautifully and I weep every time I see his awesome pictures.

My questions are as follows: 1) If stalking was acceptable, who would you stalk? 2) If you could know one extra language perfectly, which language would it be? 3) Where do you shop the most and what was your most guilty-ridden purchase? 4) If you could get rid of one magazine from the face of the earth, which magazine would it be? *cough* Cosmopolitan *cough* 5) What’s the most misguided thing anyone has ever advised you to wear? 6) Something your parents told you that was a complete lie. 7) A class you failed. 8) Someone just gave you $1,000 to jump up and down naked in front of a parking garage, do you do it? 9) Take a picture right now. Don’t do anything. Don’t put up your hair or touch up your makeup. Don’t change clothes. Now post it. 10) What’s your skin care routine? 11) Do you participate in Twitter?

8 thoughts on “Tired, but I have a Liebster!

      • lol… Thank you so much Annie! You are super sweet! and black sesame sounds delicious!!!! did you eat them yet? I have been nominated couple times before though… I was lazy to answer those questions…. But! I will answer this one!!! Wait for me 😀 😀 😀

  1. Facts 1, 5 & 10 are true for me too! I remember ordering pizza with olives, and my friend and I ended up picking out the olives before finally eating the pizza. Heh.
    Thanks for the nomination! It made my day. 😀

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