Sleeping is a Privilege

As much as I love to sleep I don’t get nearly as much as I’m supposed to. A bunch of literature talks about how you need 8 hours of sleep. Blah blah blah. There’s even a case where a man has fatal insomnia and he dies after entering into a state where he can’t even sleep with sleeping aids. His brain turned into mush, so I’m not arguing that it’s not important. I treasure my brain very much and I want it to survive for as long as possible.

I’m not talking about a problem falling asleep. I’m talking about the fact that life seems to hate me. Especially school. Once the school year starts I can’t focus on anything but classes, research, clubs, and the little bit of relaxation that I sneak in by browsing Tumblr instead of doing homework. I swear, as much as I love this university I understand why they named it one of the top 10 most stressful in the entire United States. Of course, I would choose this one. [insert headdesk here] I got four hours of sleep last night trying to study for a Chinese quiz and I still completely bombed it this morning. To be honest I could have studied a little bit earlier over the weekend, but I had so much to do and by Monday afternoon I was flipping out. It didn’t help that I also had other assignments due.

Now I feel like I’m whining. I mean, I should get things started a bit earlier, I should stop going on Facebook and Tumblr, I should try to study instead of read for pleasure, but that just takes the fun out of life. I know people who study 24/7 and once school starts they have absolutely nothing to do with fun. How do they do that? That absolutely no life to live (though some people would argue with me on that). I would be bored to death with school and depressed as hell. I rather still love studying when all this is done and over with. I would also like to succeed, but we’ll see about that. For now, sleep has become a privilege.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping is a Privilege

  1. I can empathize! I used to be like that when I was in college. I could only imagine how much less time you have now that there are more “distractions” (the internet is a privilege back in my days as a college student — dial-up is such a pain). Just try and manage the time you have. Cramming will work, based on my experience, but the same experience also made me regret not naturally absorbing what I was supposed to be learning. Good luck! I hope you’ll be able to find the balance between fun and studying and be able to get more sleep soon. 🙂

  2. Hmmm….student blues eh? Don’t worry, I can say it’s all part of the learning process. You’ll find out soon how it is. One of my deepest regret is not being able to absorb fully the core principles of my course and so, I just sort of drifted through it all in college because I was into a lot of things. Well, you can’t have ’em all. Just remember, you have time in your hands and it is in your power to choose what to do with it. Choose wisely…and sleep well. =>

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