Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! Turkey and shopping galore. I knew there was a reason I like November the best. 🙂 The Winter Holidays are also right around the corner and everyone who has a tree is already setting it up. It makes me so jealous since there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy a tree and fit it into my apartment anytime soon. Tell me what you guys have been up to.

I’ve been AWOL since I’ve been busy with school, research, and I’ve been finishing up a few graphic commissions. That’s been eating up my time and I don’t have nearly enough time to sit down and write a blog entry at the end of the day. I’ll try harder. I promise!

What’s been happening in Annie-land lately:

  • I brought my first DSLR. I found a deal for a Canon Rebel T4i with a 18-55 lens. Expect better pictures to posted on my blog!
  • I got a killer pair of brown suede Jeffrey Campbell. I just died. They were 40% off on black friday at David Z in Manhattan.
  • Lancome is having their friends and family sale! 20% of all items excluding gift sets. I decided to give visionnaire another go and brought a whopping 1.7oz bottle.
  • I have an Aurora solo in the ballet performance in spring so I’ve been rehearsing hard.
  • Shopping. Period. I’m buying way too much stuff! Between clothes, skin care, and my new Clairsonic I think I’m going broke. It may be a serious problem.

I’ll leave you guys with a nice picture of my favorite float from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (yes I did go and it was super crazy).


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