Lancome + Influenster

love Lancome products. I know that they’re considered high end and kind of expensive (and frankly not a lot of people would shell out the money for higher priced cosmetics), but I adore the quality of their products and especially their skincare. Lancome’s Genifique has received a lot of raves, but I personally think that while it’s a great serum it’s targeted toward skin that’s a little bit older. It’s often advertised as a ‘youth activator.’ Hollyannaeree talks about it in her youtube video and that’s what brought it to my attention. I’ve used samples of it and I found it to be nice, but my Genifique sample also came with a Visionnaire sample and to be quite honest I think I like the Visionnaire more.

Visionnaire is another serum that Lancome release. Sometimes they’re advertised as complimentary day and night serums were the Visionnaire is the day serum and the Genifique is the night serum. However, I think one bottle of serum can be used for day and night. It does not necessarily have to be exclusive. I tend to think of Visionnaire as the serum for younger skin. Lancome advertises it as a serum to target pores, uneven skin tones, and some wrinkles.

I’ve known a few beauty youtubers that have raved about how Visionnaire has changed their skin. Based on my use of both serums I personally like the Visionnaire better. My mother has only used the Genifique and she says she doesn’t notice much visible change. I guess it really depends on person to person which serum works the best for them. I highly suggest picking up a sample of both when Lancome counters offer them.

Near the end of November, Lancome-USA offered a friends and family discount for 20% off their entire site (minus gift sets). Since I know how notorious Lancome counters are for not offering discounts I took advantage of the sale to buy a 1.7oz bottle of the Visionnaire. (I also asked them to gift wrap it even though it really didn’t need to be gift wrapped.) Instead of the $105 for 1.7oz I paid $84 and then I used by ebates account for an extra 15% cash back. I literally got it for $69.30. Free shipping included. Probably one of the best Christmas presents to myself that I’ve ever brought. A full review will be posted later.

To those who have tried both, do you tend to use Genifique or Visionnaire?

Then, Influenster (a review program that I joined) sent me a Cosmo Voxbox as well. I have four awesome products to try and I will be reviewing those for you later. It came with a bar of Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape, two FriXion by Pilot Pens in black and red, a Gillette Venus Embrace razor and a Gillette+Olay razor, as well as Bath and Body Works’ new perfume Forever Red. I’m the most excited about testing out the perfume. I took a quick sniff when I opened the package and realized that it leans toward spicy more than fruity or floral. I’m a little disappointed since I’m not the type of girl to use spicy scents, but I’ll give it a try since heavier scents seem to be ‘in’ during the fall.

#GhirardelliEscape #VenusFits #FriXion #BBWForeverRed


5 thoughts on “Lancome + Influenster

      • Tell me abt it….. They are super expensive even for me lol. But I think I will definitely choose Genifique!! I actually bought Genifique first and used it for around 4-5 months (100ml). My skin looks better than before. After that, I bought Visionnaire alone; even though it did improve my skin condition but not as good as Genifique did. I think it’s because Genifique can help skin to absorb more nutrition (?) from toner and lotion. That is why Genifique has better effect than Visionnaire. btw, the Influenster programs looks awesome!!!!

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