I don’t think I’ve posted a status update for a really long time. I’ve been boggled down with school. First of all, I had a dance showcase. I have another one coming up for ballet. I’ve been scrambling to find a job and a place with decent rent (aka: won’t break my bank). My roommate isn’t staying next year so that puts me in a really bad predicament. I’m currently paying around $500 for rent, but if I have to get a studio apartment by myself my rent could go up to about $800. Ouch. I’ve also been swamped with essays, projects, and photography assignments.

Yes, I’m in there somewhere.

Only one thing to say: LOL

On top of all that I’m trying to get a head start on my medical school applications and make my huge 6′ long science poster for my presentation on my science research this last year (can I get a holla for Rho GTPase?). Oh, did I mention the Relay for Life festival?

What does this get you? A starving and sleep deprived Anny with lots of cool pictures. 😀

I went to DC this last weekend for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The last time I went the streets were FILLED with pink blossoms. I was kind of expecting a lot. So I got into a car with two of my best dude-buddies, we drove to an Asian art convention, had some yummy Korean barbecue, and then went on our merry way to DC while blasting K-pop the whole way. We got onto the National Mall and near the Museum of African Art we came across a courtyard with beautiful, blooming, Magnolia blossoms. Since they were blooming and beautiful we kind of expected a lot from the trees that lined tidal basin.

We walked fought our way through the crowd to tidal basin and… there were no cherry blossoms. It was too cold for blooming even though smart people had predicted that it was going to be peak blooming season that weekend. It SUCKED. We found the one lone tree that was blooming amongst all the others bare branched ones and took LOTS of pictures with it. We angled it so well we tricked my mom into thinking that all of them were in bloom. Ha! (Such a lie.)

Happy Spring, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Photobugged

  1. ballet!!! that is really awesome!!!!! love those dancing photos!! I think I may know which one is you though! CUTE & Pretty!!! Love the cherry blossom photo as well!!! You look great!!! and good luck for finding a great place & job!!!!

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