Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick (A Fantastic Find)

GorgeousGorgeous by Paul Rudnick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think about Gorgeous. It was a very interesting story that pulled me into it from the get-go. Rebecca (Becky) is a clear underdog and I want to cheer for her, but her circumstances are so fantastical and odd that I felt like I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole. Rabbit hole. What I mean is that Paul Rudnick will describe in length something that will anchor you to reality, but then two pages later he’ll describe about something so crazy that it would only be possible in a modern-fantasy.

At times I thought that this book is exactly what the cover advertises. A girl who is average looking seeking to become gorgeous and by some miracle she is extended that chance. She meets her idols, drags her best friend along for the ride, and then finds her one true love. I thought this book was going to be like all the others. What can it teach me? What is its purpose? It plagued me through the first few chapters. Though I had my incessant questions, I wasn’t bored or put off. The subject matter is interesting and Becky is so lovable and undeniably human that I couldn’t help but want to hear more of her story. The more I read, the more I realized that something larger was at play. The mystery just kept getting bigger and bigger.

So, was I satisfied? Yes. I am. It was an amazing read. The main character grows so much. You really learn to lover her and the various other supporting characters. You even learn to love the ones you used to hate.

Paul Rudnick is an amazing craftsman and storyteller. However, I do warn those who do not have a perchance for fashion, celebrities, or the ultimate fairytale: this might not be your cup of tea. For those who want a fairytale, this will leave you pleasantly surprised. This book was a lot of things, but it’s not another Cinderella remake (at least it doesn’t read like one).

Would I read this again? Yes, I would, but it was such a dizzying novel (with a lot of stuff packed into it) that I’ll have to take a break before I lay my eyes on it again. Aside from that, I only have nice things to say about this book. Bravo!

This book was given to me by NetGalley and Scholastic, Inc. for review purposes, but everything is of my own, honest, opinion.


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