Emily’s Home Sweet Home – Mouse Locations

Sorry, at this time I do not have earlier levels.

Level 9  Upper left by the lemonade pitcher, starts appearing early in the level

Level 10  On the tree branch next to the swing (appears upside down)

Level 21  Slushie machine

Level 22  At the snow cone dispenser

Level 23 – Sideways at the signpost that is next to the park map (if you bought the park map)

Level 24 – Behind the map on the left

Level 25 – In the box of key-chains/penguins

Level 26 – Left side of the green hedge (may be hidden behind a ferris wheel cart as it goes around)

Level 27 – In the roller coaster loop

Level 28 – To the left of the counter, bottom of that lower left table

Level 29 – Behind the counter, to the left of the drinks (for me it was between my coke and my caramel apple)

Level 30 – Left side of the counter (he pops up sideways)

Level 31 – Behind the front post of the left stall with the wood shavings

Level 32 – To the left of the tent with the ovens

Level 33 – To the left of counter

Level 34 – Wood working station, look around the roof

Level 35 – Beneath paint easel

Level 36 – Soup pot

Level 37 – Top, inside the oven


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