Peter Pan Round-up

I am sin love with peter pan collars, but sadly there aren’t a lot of stores selling blouses or dresses with these collars in the US. What’s even harder to find: a cardigan with a lace peter pan collar. I’ve seen them described as little-girly and very Korean but paired correctly they can add the perfect hint of sweetness to your outfit. Contrasting peter pan collars can add another dimension to your top as well as highlight the length of your neck.


Obligatory Birthday Post

Today’s my birthday and I thought I would make an obligatory birthday post. I’ve been so busy with school and life that I haven’t had as much time to blog as I did over winter break. My boyfriend took me to the mall and had me get whatever I wanted and then we had frozen yogurt. I got my absolute fav: taro froyo with a lot of raspberries. At midnight on the day of my birthday we went for Korean barbecue.

I kind of got myself a birthday gift since I was dying for an excuse to order from JewelMint and at the end of October they mailed a recolor of the Golden Goose bracelet called the Raven. They had a buy1get1 code so I also nabbed the daintier Daisy earrings. The website says that they measure an inch and a quarter (3.18cm) which is really big since I have a small body and a small face. I had a lot of doubts about my order until the package arrived yesterday. I put them on and I loved them. They’re absolutely beautiful and can go with dresses or a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit.

MIA (but back)


I’ve totally been MIA. I’m sorry! The school year started again and it’s just been hectic. I’m on the executive board for three different clubs and the beginning of the year is always the busiest since we’re trying to set everything up. I’ve also been running around preparing materials for the beginning of the year SAC (Student Activities) Fair. My free time has pretty much been zapped up. 😦

Before and After

I’ve also been too lazy to take a picture of OOTD (you would think that snapping a picture requires no effort, right?). 😦 I’ll just have to assure you that it was a very cute outfit. I wore this dress with a cardigan and white sandals:

Abercrombie Fitch dress

Abercrombie Fitch dress

I attended First Night, a school tradition where all the upperclassmen pass a candle flame and light the freshmen’s candles. There was some fantastic cake at the event. I almost didn’t get any! There was a separate event for the seniors (with alcohol), but it was terribly boring. I think they were trying to go for “classy,” but it just ended up being a complete fail.

Random people who I don’t really know, but I snapped a picture. Hehe.

I think my brain is dying. I don’t even have enough effort to proofread this blog entry. I’ll just leave you with this really bleh picture of myself (trying to look cute) that I snapped before I headed to the gym for some exercise:

MAC Lipsticks

Kitten by StilaEveryone’s probably way on top of this (figures I would be the last one to jump the boat), but I’ve gotten really obsessed at the idea of MAC lipsticks. When I used to dance for a team, they would use MAC for all their makeup. I love their blushes because they don’t clog the face and the color is nice, but I never really thought about any their other makeup. I’ve certainly never owned a lot of MAC makeup either. Everyone says how awesome their eyeshadows are, but my favorite eyeshadow is still Kitten by Stila (shown on the right).

Recently I’ve heard about Ravishing and Speed Dial by MAC and I got really interested. Ravishing is a cool-toned peach while Speed Dail by MACSpeed Dial is a very girly pink with gold flecks (think of Orgasm blush by NARS). They are both cream sheen shades and they seem really pretty. I might have to go to a MAC store to try on the shades. The last time I went to a store to try on a shade that was all hyped up I didn’t like it (Lovelorn by MAC, it had too many blue undertones), so I have some reservations about trying another shade that is so hyped. I currently own one MAC lipstick and I brought it because it was a beautiful pinkish nude.

Ivory Oxfords


I recently got ivory oxfords by Born at Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, they’re my first pair of oxfords. I used to think they were ugly shoes, but they’ve grown on me. The style I chose also helped. It’s not quite as manly and flimsy as other oxfords that I’ve seen. I feel like they’re a more female friendly version.

Born is known for their super comfy shoes and I have to say that these shoes also live up to their standards. I know that this brand of shoes can come off looking grandma-ish, but they sometimes do some very decent shoes. I’ve created a pairing to go with them.

Simplify Me

Loeffler Randall Handbag Collection Giveaway & Debut

Great news for everyone who wants a piece of designer delicacy. Loeffler Randall announced they’ll be launching a handbag collection on Thursday! They’ll be giving away one handbag from their collection to a lucky gal on facebook (<- click to access)!

Saks has a preview of their collection and more styles will be added on Thursday. I took a look online, though they only have a limited number of styles at the moment, the simple Rider Top Handle Bag catches my eye.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of Loeffler Randall handbags for Fall 2012. Inspired by men’s briefcases and file folders, the debut collection delivers superior organization and functionality in a chic package. Convertible straps, signature hardware and enhanced interior functionality make these bags a must-have for fall.” – Loeffler Randall