Google Hangout: My Interview with Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Someone (frannyglass22 on twitter) requested that I blog about my interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven Spielberg during the premier of the trailer for Lincoln, but I had already decided this was something I wanted to immortalize in my memory. No urging needed! I’m all on this.

To start, let me say that there was a crazy week of preparation and a whole lot of uncertainty, but I got to work with some amazing people who made the event as un-stressful as they could. One of them was Anna, an organizer who worked directly with me from the time that Google+ decided I was a possible participant up until the day of the live stream. Even the people over at Disney Studios were really supportive. I said uncertainty because there were a few times where I was so nervous I almost bailed. Almost.

I had applied to the event thinking that it was going to be a selective 100 or so of us in the chat, sort of like a press conference composed of fans. I also, for some reason, never got the memo that it would be broadcasted live on Times Square (like what?!) until a day before the event, during our pre-rehersal. Haha. Gosh, I’m terrible since I’m a self-proclaimed “Lincoln” fan. How could I have missed this? I blame it on the fact that school was starting and I was scrambling to deal with hospital administration.

Then, just minutes before the broadcast as we were all sitting in the Green Room going over final checks, my brain finally caught up to me and I realized the crazy flipping thing that I was just about to do. Can I also get some hoorays for the fact that this was the FIRST movie to premier its trailer in a Google+ Hangout? Majorly awesome and I’m very honored to be part of that exclusive “first” group. Google kept telling me how I was going to be making history. Heh, we’ll see about that…

Joseph and Steven in the HangoutCan I get three cheers for their smiles? (And the fact that JGL has dimples!!!)

(I’m such a sucker for dimples…)

Seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven Spielberg a few minutes before we were live on air was so fucking surreal. You guys didn’t see this, but Joseph and Steven were joking around about the whether or not Steven’s shirt should be tucked in or have it hanging out. Steven made this comment about how having his shirt tails out was more for young people like Joe. (Kind of wish I had recorded this, but I didn’t want to run the chance that my computer would lag.)

ScreenShotJGLSS + LittleOldMeI thought I sounded like an idiot and was very awkward during my section, but I guess it wasn’t that bad once I watched it again. Moment of confession: I really wanted to make a comment about Daniel Day-Lewis. He looks absolutely amazing in the trailer and the promotional poster, but I didn’t want to repeat what Hashim had asked and I didn’t want to make a random comment. Now I wish I did. Haha.

Can we also get cheers for the amazing trailer?!

I had major goosebumps. Even better? It releases two days after my birthday! 😀 Can we say that I’ll be celebrating a late birthday at the movie theater? Hehe. Continue reading


Google Hangout: Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So I’m not sure if you know already, but I got selected by Google+ to interview Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt along with 2 other fans a few event organizers. You can come watch me at today at 7PM/EST or 4PM/PST!

Edit 09/14/12:Here is a link to the interview that Google+ recorded and have posted on youtube. 🙂

Dear: Christopher Nolan

Dear Christopher Nolan,

I shall start with the praises. The first movie that I watched and acknowledged the director/screenwriter was in Inception. It wasn’t Batman Begins in 2005 or Memento from 2000. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t give a fuck to who was directing Batman Begins (though I thought the movie was great) or any other movie. I don’t usually pay attention to who directs what. The only director I knew, before you, was Tim Burton since there was SO much rave about him. You make pieces of art and I’m ashamed to say that I never realized it until Inception.

Inception Poster

You make movies that I want to watch over and over again and I applaud that! There are very few movies I would subject myself to second viewing. I would have watched it in theaters twice, but that summer was a crazy summer and I didn’t get the chance. That would have been something crazy (watching a movie for a second time) since I’m usually a “saver” and I don’t like the thought of wasting money to see something I’ve already seen.

Inception is my baby (technically it’s your baby). I’m crazy about it. You made me care about every single character in that movie. Even freaking Robert Fischer and his bastard dad. You cast everyone to perfection. I was fearful of Mal, but I also loved her and that’s a hard feat to accomplish! I was moved by Cobb’s story and Arthur was captivating. Eames made me laugh and Ariadne took my heart away. The kiss scene was so well-played and it was the perfect piece of comedic relief. I’m ashamed to say that I probably read WAY into that kiss scene and now I think Arthur and Ariadne should get together and have dozens of little Inception-babies.

You cast everyone in Inception to perfection as well. They were the perfect people to play your characters. I had fun watching them and for a moment I forgot that they were only actors and actresses. I went away from the movie wishing SO FREAKING HARD that your world existed and that the characters you made existed. I know your movie was released the summer of 2010, but it’s still on my mind. I can’t help it. That’s how much that I love it. I will always be a fan.

While I do admire your work and I appreciate the lengths that you go to create a movie of this caliber, I have some issues I want to bring up with you. The first point also has to do with Inception. Ugly Skirt-SuitI heard you chose Ellen Page’s wardrobe for Ariadne. First of all, I hate those fucking boots. They’re terrible and she doesn’t look classy at all. I understand that symbolism with the red jacket (since she’s Ariadne and that has to do with Greek culture and her red thread), but that jacket could have been made better. Also, in the second dream level you put her in a hideous skirt-suit. What. The. Hell? That needed improving. Though I hated that you put her hair up in that atrocious bun I realize that it would have been hard to deal with digitizing her hair movement in zero gravity. Also, she’s 5′ 1″, she needs petite clothing because she’s petite. From my point of view the people who tailored her outfits probably didn’t understand that.

Also, great job with casting Heath Ledger in your second Batman film (The Dark Knight), but I really hate how it was so predictable. It is a beautiful film, don’t think that it wasn’t, it was just a tad too crazy and I could sometimes guess what was going to happen next. You should have also tried harder to keep Katie Holmes as Rachel because having Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel in the second movie gave me a mindfuck and it drove me batshit crazy. My brain did not agree with the change. Also, the way Maggie was styled made her look really old when Katie Holmes looks very young. So that was just odd.
On a side note, I applaud you for finally making me realize that Maggie Gyllenhaal is Jake Gyllenhaal’s sister. I would have never made the connection if I didn’t watch your movie.

Talking about Rachel brings me to another point. The Dark Knight Rises, WTF! You can’t just throw Selina and Bruce in those few scenes and expect some magical romance to grow out of it. It was possibly way too rushed, though I could see it from the start. There wasn’t enough chemistry and that was disappointing.

NODDING IN HAPPINESSBut Tom Hardy as Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake (SPOILERS!: who is actually Robin… that gave me a mindfuck near the end of the film). I’m just nodding my head in approval like Katy Perry over here. —->
I also loved seeing Marion Cotillard again! 😀 Thanks for that!

Tom Hardy looked so different from how he did in Inception that I could barely recognize him! My brain exploded when I finally realized that Bane’s played by the same guy who played Eames.

A little bit of more research led me to the fact that you LOVE using repeat actors and actresses for your movie characters. I nod my head in approval. It’s a great strategy and you always end up working with great people so why change that?

Robin and BatgirlThis leads me to another point. If you make a Robin Hood spin-off to go with Batman (and you should, you really should) you should cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake/Robin and Ellen Page as Batgirl. You know… so they can have a proper on-screen romance. I shall show you a gif to show you how perfect they are together. —>  It’s fan made, but it shows my point perfectly. Them on-screen together = love. I will be a very happy girl. So, Christopher Nolan, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THEM TOGETHER IN ANOTHER MOVIE?!

If not that, then you should at LEAST cast Ellen Page in your next movie. You know, because she’s awesome and beautiful and all that…

Pretty Ellen Page

Strangers, Again

I’m just at that time in my life where I start to question the relationship I’m in. Not because it’s gone horribly wrong, it’s because nothing is at the honeymoon stage anymore. The sad fact is I feel like I’ve had NO honeymoon stage. My relationship with “Mystery Man” (and Wendy from Wendyslookbook would call hers too) has never had that bright, sunny, fun period. We’ve always been: just us. I had the longest honeymoon period with my ex before it all went to crap. I just don’t know what’s going on or if I should be worried. However, every relationship is different, right?

I think the best video to explain what I’m thinking is: 
Wong Fu Production’s: “Strangers, again”

What I’m talking about is stage four, comfortable (according to the video). As quoted by the movie character Josh, “Being comfortable isn’t necessarily bad, its when we can truly be ourselves. But it depends on what you do with that comfort. Some use it positively, continuing to work at their relationship, and grow together. But others allow it to create distance.” I can’t help but wonder if Mystery Man and I are using our comfortable stage to grow positively into ourselves? Do we help each other grow?

Another quote from the video that keep me thinking are these simple lines: “Whether it’s taking each other for granted or people changing over time, bottom line is someone stops trying and the feelings aren’t as strong as before.”

Modern Disney

I’ve been watching The Incredibles again and it amazes me how much I enjoy it. It never grows old and the movie has such depth. It isn’t only fast entertainment, it expands upon important human morals that most kids need to learn since they don’t read as much anymore. Children these days don’t pick up a book that expound on the morals of humankind. Morals of the story that kids don’t learn from those books can we obtained by watching movies like this.

The Incredibles focuses a lot on family. It also highlights the importance of being honest, working together, and believing in yourself. They may be classic cliches but many kids these days aren’t picking them up. I believe that Disney has done a great job presenting these values to their young audience. No longer are they producing fairytales like Cinderlla (though it is a good fluffy movie), they are creating substance. Finding Nemo and Cars are another two examples of recent movies that have caught my eye.

Random catch phrase: Penetrating the Buracracy