Google Hangout: My Interview with Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Someone (frannyglass22 on twitter) requested that I blog about my interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven Spielberg during the premier of the trailer for Lincoln, but I had already decided this was something I wanted to immortalize in my memory. No urging needed! I’m all on this.

To start, let me say that there was a crazy week of preparation and a whole lot of uncertainty, but I got to work with some amazing people who made the event as un-stressful as they could. One of them was Anna, an organizer who worked directly with me from the time that Google+ decided I was a possible participant up until the day of the live stream. Even the people over at Disney Studios were really supportive. I said uncertainty because there were a few times where I was so nervous I almost bailed. Almost.

I had applied to the event thinking that it was going to be a selective 100 or so of us in the chat, sort of like a press conference composed of fans. I also, for some reason, never got the memo that it would be broadcasted live on Times Square (like what?!) until a day before the event, during our pre-rehersal. Haha. Gosh, I’m terrible since I’m a self-proclaimed “Lincoln” fan. How could I have missed this? I blame it on the fact that school was starting and I was scrambling to deal with hospital administration.

Then, just minutes before the broadcast as we were all sitting in the Green Room going over final checks, my brain finally caught up to me and I realized the crazy flipping thing that I was just about to do. Can I also get some hoorays for the fact that this was the FIRST movie to premier its trailer in a Google+ Hangout? Majorly awesome and I’m very honored to be part of that exclusive “first” group. Google kept telling me how I was going to be making history. Heh, we’ll see about that…

Joseph and Steven in the HangoutCan I get three cheers for their smiles? (And the fact that JGL has dimples!!!)

(I’m such a sucker for dimples…)

Seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven Spielberg a few minutes before we were live on air was so fucking surreal. You guys didn’t see this, but Joseph and Steven were joking around about the whether or not Steven’s shirt should be tucked in or have it hanging out. Steven made this comment about how having his shirt tails out was more for young people like Joe. (Kind of wish I had recorded this, but I didn’t want to run the chance that my computer would lag.)

ScreenShotJGLSS + LittleOldMeI thought I sounded like an idiot and was very awkward during my section, but I guess it wasn’t that bad once I watched it again. Moment of confession: I really wanted to make a comment about Daniel Day-Lewis. He looks absolutely amazing in the trailer and the promotional poster, but I didn’t want to repeat what Hashim had asked and I didn’t want to make a random comment. Now I wish I did. Haha.

Can we also get cheers for the amazing trailer?!

I had major goosebumps. Even better? It releases two days after my birthday! 😀 Can we say that I’ll be celebrating a late birthday at the movie theater? Hehe. Continue reading